About Us

We are all different in health and in disease states. Our genetic variations predispose us to diseases or may be protective under certain stresses. Genomic medicine is a growing field aimed at revolutionizing the way we practice medicine. Knowing your DNA sequences and their modifiers means that we can now predict your predisposition to diseases and prevent them from happening. This concept is far different from what has been the convention of medical practice, which is currently based on patients presenting with symptoms and signs of a disease.   “Prevention is always better than cure”

  • Genatak is a center specialized in genomic medicine, which aims at diagnosing and preventing genetic diseases in Kuwait, Gulf states and the Middle East area.
  • Genatak has begun offering targeted hereditary breast cancer panel and exome sequencing services for patients with cancer, undiagnosed genetic disorders, and individuals looking to understand disease risk and prevent them.
  • Through its partnerships, Genatak has access to 11 next-gen sequencing machines, including six Illumina HiSeq 2000 systems, two Illumina MiSeq instruments, and three of Life Technologies Ion Torrent PGMs.
  • Genatak also has Sanger sequencing capabilities and uses fluorescence in situ hybridization to analyze copy number variation for genes like HER-2 amplifications in breast cancer patients to help guide treatment. 

We aim to:
Help you dentify genes causing genetic syndromes in your family by using state-of-the-art technologies
Provide you with the most advanced evidence-based and personalized medical treatment that is most effective against your disease.
Establish a preventative Genome-based program tailored to you alone.
Provide you with gene-based health-related lifestyle modification.