Why Test?

Towards a Longer and Healthier Future

Genatak in association with an international network of certified laboratories offers 2 types of genetic tests:

Type 1 – For understanding your risk of developing a certain disease later in life

Type 2 – For accurate diagnosis of an existing or suspected disorder


Type 1 – Understanding your risk

  • Understand your risk even before you have symptoms
  • Get motivated and make changes to your diet and lifestyle based upon firm evidence
  • Work with your doctor to tailor health management based upon your risk profile


Type 2 – For accurate diagnosis of an existing or suspected disorder

  • Often parents just want to know for sure what syndrome a child has, it also means the END to often years of testing – Closure
  • Early intervention and management of learning and developmental disorders can make a massive improvement in affected children
  • Know with certainty what the genetic disorder is, allowing you to work with your doctor to intervene and manage the disorder
  • Many genetic disorders have serious secondary complications such as cancer, heart problems and kidney disease
  • Understand the chance of having another affected child with the same disorder

Once you are sure which syndrome a child has these complications can be managed more effectively.


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