Heart and Stroke Disease Risk Test

A new genetic test that assesses your risk of heart disease and heart attack. The test is based on research carried out in the USA and Canada that made world headlines in 2011.

One of the major findings of that study was that if you have one or more of the high-risk markers, your risk of a heart attack increases by up to  200%.

However, it was also discovered that by increasing simple modifications prioritized at Global Med Clinic, we can help you reduce your risk back to NORMAL, even if you HAVE the marker!


According to the WHO, Heart disease is the no.1 cause of death. It accounts for 46% of all deaths from “non-communicable” diseases.


Most people have blood tests related to heart disease when they already have symptoms as they age. Our  CARDIOSEQ test can be taken at any age. You can assess your risk even before you have symptoms, allowing you to make informed diet and health choices straight away.

There are also other things that increase the risk of heart disease that we cannot change, such as our family history and our genes. This is where CARDIOSEQ becomes a powerful tool to assess and manage your risk.

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