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Addressing findings from Genetic diagnostics is critical to take advantage of realizing health benefits

  1. Understand your risk even before you have symptoms
  2. Get motivated and make changes to your diet and lifestyle based upon firm evidence
  3. Work with your doctor to tailor health management based upon your risk profile
  4. Treating a disease early has a much higher chance of being successful
  5. Live longer, live healthier

Genatak is introducing a new line of Health and Wellness products that address the major causes of mortality.



Our fitness test identifies more than 70 variants that determines your body mass index, your muscle type and the exercises that specifically suit you. Have you ever wondered why Jamaicans are well-known for their Olympic sprinters?! or why are Kenyan athletes well suited for endurance-based exercises and sports like marathon and long-distance running?! well it is mostly genetically determined and we are here to help determine what sport best suits you.

Diabetes and Obesity (D&O) are metabolic diseases that are often associated and occur with high frequency in the world. D&O affect various organs and systems leading to a progressive loss of quality of life. Treatment is often ineffective; therefore prevention is the best approach to avoid suffering and the reduction of life expectancy that these disorders cause. Diabetes and obesity result from the interaction of many factors, some constitutionals of the person (genetic) and other acquired (environmental, food, lifestyle, etc.) that in early stages are undetected until first symptoms appear. Genetic testing for risk assessment of Diabetes and Obesity may be the only indicator in a preclinical phase, ie, before the onset of symptoms. The result of this genetic test can identify which individuals may benefit from an early therapeutic intervention to prevent disease progression.

At Genatak we offer you the opportunity to discover the best diet that suits you and you alone. By identifying more than 140 variants that controls your appetite, satiety, disinhibition and metabolism as well as your micronutrients (vitamins) need, we are scientifically able to tailor a customized plan to put you back in shape. Combined with the only hand-held metabolic tracker, from Breezing, you will be able to loose weight effectively and in a heathy and gradual way.

The first metabolic tracker to accurately determine your resting metabolic rate. From

The first metabolic tracker to accurately determine your resting metabolic rate. From


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