Children’s Disorders Tests

Early Diagnosis for Better Management and Improved Outcomes

The earlier you can get an accurate, objective diagnosis for genetic disorders, the earlier you can start on treatment and management…for greater peace of mind.

Genetic disorders are a reality that we have to be prepared to accept. Recent studies reveal that one in 6 children have a developmental disability such as autism, learning disorders or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

The earlier the disorder is identified with accuracy the sooner proactive steps can be taken to manage and minimize its impact on your child. Many symptoms of genetic disorders only show up after some years. Learning disabilities and  autism, for instance, may only manifest in later childhood. Accurate knowledge and early management of the problem means peace of mind for you as parents.

Now, the most accurate and reliable genetic screening test in the world is available from Genatak, at a considerably lower cost and a faster turn-around time of under 4 weeks from receipt of test sample to full diagnostic report. The Genatak Genome Test screens over 400 genetic disorders in one single test with greater accuracy and sensitivity than any other genetic test available today.

This genetic test has been so successful that some medical professionals are advocating its use as the first line of diagnosis for any newborn, but especially for any child whose parents have a family history of inherited problems or who have concerns over potential genetic disabilities.

Genatak also provides valuable assistance to affected families by connecting them to their worldwide network of information and counselling resources and support groups.

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