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Towards a Longer and Healthier Future

Genatak offers 2 types of genetic tests:

Type 1 – For understanding your risk of developing a certain disease later in life

Type 2 – For accurate diagnosis of an existing or suspected disorder


Type 1 – Understanding your risk

  • Understand your risk even before you have symptoms
  • Get motivated and make changes to your diet and lifestyle based upon firm evidence
  • Work with your doctor to tailor health management based upon your risk profile


Type 2 – For accurate diagnosis of an existing or suspected disorder

  • Often parents just want to know for sure what syndrome a child has, it also means the END to often years of testing – Closure
  • Early intervention and management of learning and developmental disorders can make a massive improvement in affected children
  • Know with certainty what the genetic disorder is, allowing you to work with your doctor to intervene and manage the disorder
  • Many genetic disorders have serious secondary complications such as cancer, heart problems and kidney disease
  • Understand the chance of having another affected child with the same disorder

Once you are sure which syndrome a child has these complications can be managed more effectively.

The breadth, accuracy and sensitivity of¬†Genatak’s Genome Test allows you to diagnose your patient’s syndrome with clear, objective certainty. This can save your patients years of heartache and distress from not knowing exactly what the problem is, and what action they should take to help their child.

This early and accurate diagnostic tool allows you to offer your patients a proactive role in the treatment and positive management of the condition for their child’s development and future wellbeing. With this objective diagnosis, other aspects of health care can be incorporated ranging from basic care and feeding, speech therapy, physiotherapy and education. The earlier such intervention is initiated, the better are the results.

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