World’s 1st All-in-one, Multi-race Alpha and Beta Thalassaemia Test

A new genetic test for alpha and beta Thalassaemia. ThalaSURE is a single, comprehensive test that screens for all the common DNA markers in Indian, Arab, South-East Asian and Mediterranean populations. All in ONE test.

Why should you test for Thalassaemia?

Thalassaemia is the most common genetic disease in the world. In Asia up to 1 in 7 people are estimated to be carriers. Most carriers may not even know that they have Thalassaemia. Carriers may have mild-anaemia and smaller than usual blood cells.


If 2 carriers have a child there is a 1 in 4 chance that the child has Thalassaemia Major. These cases require major treatment such as blood transfusions for life, bone marrow transplants and drugs. Children may have stunted growth as well as mental retardation. Left untreated, Thalassaemia Major can result in cardiac failure, bone changes, spleen and liver problems and early death.


What are the benefits of using ThalaSURE?

  • Get a comprehensive genetic-based diagnosis for both major types of Thalassaemia.
  • Take the guesswork out of your test, ThalaSURE covers all the major markers in all the major populations groups in Asia, Middle-East and the Mediterranean.
  • Low-cost, fast turnaround. We can normally send results to you within 5 days.

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