World 1st – Fully-functional Protein Array

Immunoproteomics for Biomarker Discovery and Clinical Trials

Protein Array Services using Oxford Gene Technology’s patented protein array for:

  • Cancer and Autoimmune Disease biomarker discovery
  • Measuring global immune response to drugs in Clinical Trials
  • Monitoring global immune response to viral, microbial and fungal infection

Biomarker Discovery specifically for identification of early-stage antibody biomarkers associated with Cancers and Autoimmune Diseases as well clinical trial immune response monitoring.

Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) has developed a unique protein array technology that has 1636 full-length, correctly folded, and functional proteins. To our knowledge this is the only protein array in the world where every protein is known to be correctly folded.

So, How and Why does it work? Every protein on the array is full-length, and has been cloned in frame with the Biotin Carboxyl Carrier Protein (BCCP) tag.


The unique BCCP tag technology ensures that only correctly folded, functional and full-length proteins are presented on the array. The tag also provides a single point of attachment which negates the problems of protein unfolding, random orientation and non-specific binding that can occur with other protein attachment methods.