PGD and IVF Screening

Cutting-edge Genetics to Increase the Success Rate of IVF

The field of Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and pre-IVF screening has been moving very rapidly. The key advantages of using PGD and pre-IVF screening is an increase rate of success of a successful pregnancy. In a recent publication the results for using a Whole Genome 24 chromosome array showed the following:

“The data obtained demonstrate that array-CGH can detect chromosome imbalances in embryos, also providing the added benefit of simultaneous aneuploidy screening of all 24 chromosomes. Array-CGH has the potential to overcome several inherent limitations of FISH-based tests, providing improvements in terms of test performance, automation, sensitivity and reliability”. (1)

Genatak offers the following tests for PGD and pre-IVF screening:

  1. Whole Genome Array CGH-based embryo screening (10010)
  2. Whole Genome Array CGH-based screening of egg donor (10010)
  3. Alpha and Beta Thalassaemia screening of parents, egg donors or embryos (80821)
  4. Testing of parents for carrier status for Autosomal recessive disorders



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