Developmental Delay Tests

Early Diagnosis for Better Management and Improved Outcomes

As leaders in the field of genomic medicine, Genatak developed state-of-the-art-platforms to diagnose diseases early. In fact, our risk model works best for disease prevention.

Taking the uncertainty out of diagnosis for genetic disorders will allow you to focus on early intervention.

Research reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in May 2011, states that one in 6 children are born with some form of developmental disability such as autism, learning disorders or ADHD.

Early and accurate detection of these disorders can help medical professionals direct their attention to constructive intervention with appropriate treatment and management protocols.

Now, through Genatak, doctors can access the most accurate and reliable genetic diagnostics. The Genatak test, using the latest microarray Comparative Genomics Hybridisation (aCGH) platform and Whole Exome sequencing, is able to analyze the whole genome with far greater accuracy and sensitivity over a broader spectrum than any of the conventional tests currently available such as FISH, PCR and Karyotyping, or even other newer microarray platforms. This allows for a precise and objective diagnosis of genetic disorders at the earliest stage, even before any symptoms have manifested.

This particular microarray platform was examined together with other microarrays by leading medical institutions and was the only one selected for diagnostics, based on its most accurate, sensitive and reproducible results. It is now the first-tier diagnostic choice for 27 leading institutions around the world.

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